All the flavor of our territory

Being inspired by the alternation of seasons every month we propose what the best offers our territory, in our proposals there is never a lack of tradition and new adventurous combinations.


Our menu is constantly changing without ever forgetting the tradition and origins of the cuisine that underlie innovation.

From our first pasta dishes from the Felicetti pasta factory with selected grains of Organic origin (farro, wholemeal and Senator Capelli), collected in selected Italian fields and then washed with Latemar water to our specialties with fresh pasta.

Sepia black spaghetti with scallop sauce, sunny Puglian cherry tomatoes and burrata

Monthly we research and select cuts, ground and sliced first choice, thanks to the collaboration with “La Granda” we have excellences such as Piedmont fassona, Prussian manzetta and chianina.

Among the best Italian charcuterie are selected slices such as the raw ham “Casa Graziano”, the ham cooked “Capitelli” and the sausages of “Lovison”.

Our burgers are offered with new combinations and with different mince and, important component, the bread with the sourdough at the base.

The preparation of our cakes is entrusted to a family tradition that brings to the table classics with recipes inherited from ancient tastes.

Our Tiramisu in three versions (classic, with macaroons and nutella), the cheesecake with fresh seasonal fruit, the puff pastry and the espresso cake.

At events such as birthdays, anniversaries or dinners we can make your dessert on demand.