A journey between the sea and the lagoon

Since 1994 our family has run the restaurant to enhance the excellence of our territory, which from the sea to the lagoon to the surrounding lands, are rich and valuable.

The rhythm of the seasons transforms the territory around us that changing gives us the best of our sea, the lagoon and the surrounding lands.

Every season has its fruit, from vegetables to fish, we select the raw materials at their best and together with the environment that transforms also changes our relationship with it.


25 years of evolution, from the knowledge of the tradition of Lucio and Orietta to the most innovative character of Thomas and Denis, we have constantly reworked our menu without forgetting where we come from and where we want to go.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the Enzo family who in 25 years have always brought with them a very important bag of culinary culture, new dishes have been born where tradition and innovation meet to create something new and stimulating, something special.